Notes that capture the moment

Cabinet is a pocket notebook for your phone that lets you organize your photos, screenshots and notes using hashtags.

It's the quickest way to record and recall the thoughts, details and experiences you don't want to forget.


Simply The Best Pocket Notebook For Mobile.

Inspired by the notebooks people used to carry to jot down thoughts, Cabinet lets you record and recall what you want to remember. At the same time, Cabinet brings the pocket notebook into the digital age, featuring superb support for photos, hashtags and full text search.


Swipe to enter a new note and don't worry about categorizing it until later. Everything is indexed for lightning quick search.


Use #hashtags to organize and search to find what you're looking for. Don't worry about complicated folder structures.


Your data is only stored locally on your phone, and only visible to you. The data is backed up with your phone.

5K+ Notes Stored

Features That Make Managing Your Notes A Piece Of Cake.

Cabinet feels as engaging as your favorite social media apps, and searches like the best email clients, all while keeping your data safely stored on your phone.


Your notes in a visual feed - if you can use Facebook or Instagram, you're already an expert at Cabinet.


Banish folders and organize on the fly by inserting #hashtags. Tap on one, and see all the related notes.

Quick Entry

Swipe, snap, jot. Capture your idea in no time from the quick entry screen, then add captions or hashtags.


Bookmark searches that you perform regularly, such as "Reminders," "Work" or "Shopping List."


Find what you need in an instant, whether it's that picture you took a few months ago or the groceries you need to buy.

Offline First (and Only)

It's your information, on your phone, and for your eyes only. Fully searchable whether or not you have internet.

Users Can't Get Enough of Cabinet!

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Cabinet is so fuss-free to use! It's like a bento box for my daily notetaking and journaling. Who knew simple hashtags could be such a great organisation tool? Most life-changing app I've used in 2018.

Nicole Entrepreneur, Singapore
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Cabinet filters my stream of consciousness to capture, store, and organize various aspects of my life on the go. Having Cabinet in my phone gives me the security that I'll never again forget that one great idea, precious memory, or random place I stored my backup set of keys!

Andrew - Consultant, Boston
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As a devout academic scholar, I’m always looking for better ways to take notes. Apple Notes was the best and most UX friendly app until Cabinet came along. With Cabinet, I’m able to take pictures of textbook pages, slides, etc. and then add my own notes to it. It’s perfect for all students of all levels.

Brian Medical Student, Los Angeles
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I love the concept of Cabinet and its ease of use. I use it to record my workouts and look up my progress. It’s perfect for “on the go” notes!

Catherine Sports Enthusiast, Boston

The App is Now Live!

Cabinet is available for iOS. Please click the link below to be redirected to the app store.